Matt Koval Matt Koval is a senior Content Strategist at YouTube, and a former YouTube creator. After spending years as an indie writer/director in Hollywood, Matt initially used YouTube as a place to vent excess creativity — to get his storytelling voice directly to an audience without the interference of gatekeepers. His videos soon took off, however, and he found himself part of a small group of YouTube’s early adopters.

Leveraging 15 million views and over 120,000 subscribers, Matt wrote and directed a web series for Fox Digital Studio, then created and distributed 8 Dates. Additional brand-integrated deals followed with Colgate, Verizon, Google and Hewlett Packard. In 2011, he was selected as one of 25 grant-winners in YouTube’s first “Next Up” program.

Matt’s love of teaching compelled him to create Subscriber Magnet, a private training course about making effective content on YouTube. Before it could be widely marketed, he was approached by Google, who saw the course and hired him full-time. Matt currently YouTube’s most senior Content Strategists, tasked with advising top creators and companies alike on how to grow an audience. He co-developed the widely adopted 10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy, and currently manages the Creative Insights team out of NYC.

Unfortunately, Matt is no longer available to consult externally. He recommends that all beginners start here.

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matt at Sundance
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