are you a brainiac

YouTube invited me to be the host of this interactive quiz to help promote their new educational initiative, YouTube EDU.  It was also asked that the videos be distributed on my channel.  Most of the deals I’m offered are from corporate brands who want to sell, sell, and sell some more, so it felt nice to promote something purely positive for a change. Plus, the role allowed me to revisit a long-ago stint as a substitute English teacher.

During lunch on the shoot day, I asked the producers why I had been offered the job only two days before production.  Turns out I was the third person on their list, and I only got the gig because the other two had last-minute scheduling conflicts.  “Oh, wonderful,” I thought.  “Third-string quarterback time.”

But the other two quarterbacks were… eh, I probably shouldn’t mention them specifically — let’s just say one is a series regular on THE OFFICE, and the other is a long-time staple of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  Hey, suddenly being third-string didn’t sound that bad! Maybe I should take a real acting class.  (Nah)

Here’s an article about YouTube’s initiative from Mashable.