creative projects

This TED video struck a chord with me on a couple levels. One being that any creative person has experienced that moment, early in the process of a project, when someone stops by and says something like, “Eh… I don’t get it.” It’s awful to hear. Which is why, in my opinion you never show your work until it’s at least in some form of completion.

Bystanders don’t share your vision. They can’t see the whole from the pieces. So don’t risk the derailment of your creative confidence by letting your husband, girlfriend, brother, or mailman “check out your new project.”

That small piece of affirmation you’re searching for isn’t worth jeopardizing the whole venture. And I suggest this from experience, as I’ve trashed entire short films or videos after hearing a simple “I don’t get it.” So protect your creative confidence! Keep visitors out until you’re ready.