Embrace Being Stuck

by Matt Koval


My advice for writers and filmmakers when they find themselves physically stuck or delayed.

Don’t piss and moan and scream at the United Airlines lady! Don’t join everybody else in acting like your lives are ruined forever.

Try doing what I do:

Turn it into an opportunity to sink into the deepest and richest layers of your creativity.  Whoa, that sounded really corny. Especially in italics.

But it’s true. We get so distracted these days by by so many things that we rarely ever reach our most creative states. Our brainstorming stays at surface level, and just when we start to go deep… one of a thousand distractions (usually technology) yanks us up again.

Embrace your next delay.  Sink happily into the solitude. It just might spawn your best work.

And by the way, once you get this mindset down, you’ll find it royally entertaining to watch everybody else piss and moan! It’s actually kinda fun.

How do you handle delays anyway?  Answer below!

YouTube NextUp

by Matt Koval

Imagine a fully grown man sitting on the floor of his dining room, wearing a blonde wig with pig-tails. It’s a hot summer night, and he’s sweating through his costume.  He’s alone and frustrated.  Things aren’t going well.  There’s too much to do and not enough help.  Not any help.

He begins to ask himself questions.  “What am I doing?”  “Is this going to amount to anything?”  “Am I just a complete idiot?”  “Am I irresponsible for thinking there might be some career benefit to doing this?”

The minutes pass.  The ceiling fan whirs overhead.  The man considers the alternative — quitting.  He takes a deep breath, then gets up and turns the lights back on.  Then the video camera….

Yep, that’s been me.  On more than one occasion.  As other YouTubers know, making video content can be a lonely experience, and one that takes a lot of courage.  The end results are rarely visible, especially in the beginning.  But if you keep following your heart through the fog, if you trust your ability, if you keep doing what you’re most passionate about and don’t quit… a strange thing can happen.

You can be rewarded.


Thanks so much to those who voted for me in the YouTube NextUp program. I was selected, and will be heading to New York at the end of the month. Funding is to arrive shortly thereafter… along with a lot more Koval internet flicks. :)