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The Fuplers Return

by Matt Koval

A cheesy TV-style promo for the new episode of The Fuplers, returning next week in HD!

A video demonstration of Cell Phone Etiquette, Rule #23. My friend Darren sent me this idea and I actually LOL’d. (And for the record, I don’t LOL easily.)

Gotta hand it to the very talented actors here. What fun it is to work with professionals who nail it on every take.

As a prolific director on the Fox lot once told me, “Only two things are required to be a great director: a good script, and good actors. Get those two right and you’re golden.” …Guess I had nothin’ to do with this one!

Directed by Matt Koval

Created by

Darren O’Hare
http://www.youtube.com/darrengohare &

Christian Anderson

Featuring Tiffany Elle