youtube expert

YouTube Consultant

by Matt Koval

Social media consultants are a dime a dozen, and I don’t plan on joining the masses. But after watching too many businesses fall flat on their face with YouTube, I decided to offer some help. My credentials include 130,000 subscribers, 14 million views, and having been through NextUp training at Google headquarters.


“Let’s just make a video and maybe it’ll go viral on YouTube.”

Have you ever heard anyone say this?   I have, and it makes me cringe.

It’s not such a bad thing when it’s applied to home movies or casual videos.  Those don’t involve much time or money. But when business people use this “strategy”, when real dollars are invested into producing a video that only gets 67 views… it’s palm-to-forehead time.

YouTube is a part of social media, yes, but videos are not like tweets or Facebook updates. Videos involve conceptualizing, writing, location scouting, casting, rehearsals, sound, lighting, editing, graphics… and all the details in between. [click to continue…]